Too many Bones

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Too many Bones
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    Too many Bones

    Welcome to Daelore, a land vowering in fear of a lawless melting pot of evil known as The Ebon. You and your companions are Gearlocs from Deepwood, and have lost your homes and many kin to this foe. Their latest invasion has struck at the very heart of the forest, and the Gearloc Council has finally decided to strike back!
    Your party has been commissioned to eliminate The Ebon once and for all, by tactically taking out the Tyrants pulling the strings. Bring your wit, your skills, and your tech - a difficult journey awaits!
    Too Many Bones is a solo / co-op dice-building RPG that takes you on a groundbreaking adventure filled with Baddie, Loot, and tough Encounters! No GM is neccessary. Your story unfolds based on the Tyrant your're pursuing. Encounters and Baddies you draw, and Gearlocs in your party. All this, and a few other surprises, will dramatically effect battle strategy and success!
    As you progress, you'll unlock Skill and Stat dice, allowing you to craft powerful dice combos and tactics. Plan carefully, a final battle with one of 7 merciless Tyrants is just around the corner!
    Too Many Bones is easy to grasp, but not for the faint of heart or mind. Are you ready to embark?

    • Genre:
    • Aktionsauswahl (nacheinander)
    • Spieleranzahl:
    • 1 - 4
    • Spieleralter:
    • ab 12 Jahren
    • Spieldauer:
    • ca. 60-90 min
    • Auszeichnungen:
    • -
    • Spezialausgabe:
    • Zusatzcharakter: Ghillie - the Scoutmaster; Upgrade auf 3. Auflage
    • Verlag:
    • Chip Theory Games
    • Erscheinungsdatum:
    • 2017
    • Autor:
    • Josh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson
    • Grafik:
    • Josh J. Carlson, Anthony LeTourneau

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